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A Welcome message from Chief Randle

"The San Felipe Police Department is open to review and is strictly accountable for its conduct.  Police employees are expected to maintain themselves in a manner consistent with a standard of professionalism necessary to ensure safety in the community. It is the intention of this department not only to provide the reactive services necessary to ensure public safety but also to commit to providing the proactive services that will enhance the unity within our community. By listening to our collective voices, both internally and externally, the San Felipe Police Department and the citizens of the Town of San Felipe will build bridges of trust that encourage mutual respect and positive change in the 21st Century."- Chief David Randle 


The San Felipe Police Department is dedicated to the safety and order of the Town of San Felipe. Our mission is to reduce crime rates, maintain the law, and protect lives. We are committed to being professional and respectful - responding diligently to emergency calls and taking proactive measures to curtail and prevent instances of crime.


It is the vision of the San Felipe Police Department to provide within the town of San Felipe a lawful environment where all persons can perform their daily routine at any time free from the fear of any type of harassment, injury, or victimization from the criminal activities of any person or entity.


We are dedicated to maintaining the highest moral standards by embracing the principles of honesty, trust, and courage.


We recognize the value of our unique cultural diversity and treat the people with kindness, tolerance, and dignity. We protect the rights, liberties, and freedoms as guaranteed by the constitution of the United States.


Dial 911 in an Emergency

San Felipe Police Department

927 Sixth St, San Felipe, 

Austin County, TX 77473


For Austin County Sheriff's Office  Dispatch  Dial 979-865-3111


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